NDIS Web Design How to Design a Website that Clients Love?

NDIS Web Design

No two websites are created the same! 

Every website is designed to the specifics of the business or brand, such as client demographics and niche. For instance, an e-commerce website will not be the same as a personal blog. 

Similarly, an NDIS provider has a separate set of needs and preferences for their website. It again depends on the particular organization, but we can pinpoint the common traits an NDIS web design needs to appeal to its clients. 

As you can tell, this is extremely specific expertise. So, most prefer professional web design in Melbourne. But before you do that, make sure you understand all the whats, whys, and hows of it. 

1. Accessibility is Paramount

The importance of web accessibility has grown tremendously in recent years. Needless to say, it is particularly crucial for an NDIS web design. As an NDIS deals with people with disabilities, it must be optimized for their needs. 

Some examples:

  • Easy-to-read typeface
  • Clear and comprehensive language
  • Alt text for images
  • Navigation through keyboard
  • Multilingual support

Your NDIS web designer in Melbourne can help you find the correct web accessibility tool and integrate it into your site.  

2. Trustworthy Website Security

Security threats are every business’s worst nightmare. It can turn the whole business upside down in a day. So, security is indispensable in business, especially NDIS. People must feel secure on your website to hire you. 

Therefore, professionals suggest server-side security tools and web application firewall services to protect your site. It, of course, must be coupled with regular security checks and site maintenance. 

3. Optimize the Website’s Mobile Version

In a day where mobile devices are increasingly used, one cannot overlook the mobile-first approach. More than half of the web traffic today is generated through mobile gadgets. Even Google prioritizes a mobile-first indexing approach. 

For all these reasons, it is evident that the mobile version of a website is more important than the traditional browser version. Mobile responsive means adapting a site to the screen it’s on effortlessly. 

Your web design agency in Melbourne would be familiar with the mobile responsiveness concept, so seek their help. 

4. Keep Your Goals at the Forefront

You may have already identified the goals for your NDIS web design. But do you allow them to lead the process? If not, make sure you do.

It’s a common mistake to overlook the set goals as one progresses. This can be a huge drawback for any organization, including NDIS. Thus, remind yourself of the goals you’ve set at every step of the process. 

Just to share a few examples:

  • Why is your PURPOSE for creating a website?
  • What do you want to CONVEY to your audience?
  • How do you plan to show your CREDIBILITY? 
  • What is your strategy to OUTPERFORM your competitors?

Everyone identifies goals, but only winners allow those goals to direct their actions. It’s a good mantra to remember. 

5. Display Feedback & Contact Forms Prominently

Testimonials, feedback, and contact sections are three prominent areas on a website. Each of these provides deep and trustworthy insights into your services. In a nutshell, testimonials show how reliable you are, while feedback and contact forms will allow clients to reach you easily. 

So, dedicating easily noticeable spaces to these sections prominently is a great way to help customers. Furthermore, including multiple mediums to communicate is helpful. Email addresses and phone numbers are common, but you can also display social media channels. 

It can further boost their trust in you. 

6. Simple and Intuitive Navigation

Navigation can make or break your website. Do it right, and it will make your clients appreciate your website; do it wrong, and your bounce rate will touch the sky. Hence, taking time to understand the ins and outs of website navigation is incredibly important. 

Key elements of efficient navigation: 

  • Straightforward labels
  • Logical organization
  • Proper headings 

Breadcrumbs is a brilliant navigational tool that provides users with a visual representation of their location within a website’s hierarchy. This technique is very useful for websites with complicated hierarchies or extensive content. 

Usually, this appears as a sequence of links, such as this:

Home | Category | Subcategory | Contact Page 

7. Use of Multimodal Content

Because an NDIS website interacts with people with disabilities, it is important to use multimodal content. It refers to using various types of media: Text, images, Video, Audio, and other interactive features. 

By providing content in multiple formats, websites become more inclusive, accommodating various learning styles and disabilities. More importantly, users can choose how they want to consume information, whether through reading, listening, or watching.

This makes the website more accessible and engaging for a broader audience.  

8. Keep Design and Branding Consistent

Maintaining a consistent design and branding on a website is vital for creating a cohesive and memorable user experience. It involves using uniform colours, typography, logos, and design elements across all web pages, aligning with the organization’s identity. 

Consistency instils trust, which is crucial for an NDIS provider. Besides trust, it also enhances usability as visitors become familiar with the layout and navigation patterns. 

Want an Expert to Handle Your NDIS Web Design?

Make My Website has a great experience with NDIS websites, which is what you need. With their experience, MMW can help create a website that speaks to your clients efficiently. You will get a better idea of their work when you talk to them directly.

So, head to their website and set up a meeting with their representative. Good luck!



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