Furnishing Your College Apartment on a Budget


Your college apartment might feel more like a home if you add a few decor touches. Area rugs, throw blankets, and photos or posters can help a room feel cozy. It’s important to make a list of needs and wants before shopping. Prioritize the essentials, then focus on the “want” items.


Although the leather sofa may be gorgeous, it will require you to use a sizable portion of your student loan. When choosing sofas, chairs, and tables for your living room, stick with simple, aesthetically pleasing, and functional pieces of furniture. Not only will you save money now, but you’ll also have something you can easily rent out to other new students when your lease expires.

Take advantage of student discounts and other deals for everything. You’ll be surprised at how much you can save by researching before making any big purchase. Sticking to a budget and using Ashley Furniture coupons can make your college apartment feel like home for less. Then, you can use that extra cash to pay for other things, such as textbooks and school supplies.

Fluffy Rug

After paying tuition, books and supplies, furnishing your college apartment can seem like a major expense. You’ll need bedding, towels, dishes and other essentials, plus basic furniture for your bedroom, kitchen, living room and bathrooms. Thankfully, there are many ways to save money on furnishing your college apartment.

The key is to shop smart and plan. It’s also important to stick to a budget and avoid impulse purchases. It will allow you to make a home that truly feels like yours for less. Consider shopping at thrift stores and other secondhand sources for home goods and furniture pieces. You can find incredible deals this way, especially if you’re patient and persistent. You can also scour online marketplaces for items that need new homes. To score some great finds, you can also look at local flea markets and garage and estate sales.

Throw Blanket

Furnishing your apartment can be challenging if you’re a college student on a budget. You can make your space comfortable without going over your allotted budget for tuition, though, with ingenuity and wise shopping. Start with the basics and then build up from there, incorporating essential pieces that serve multiple purposes.

For example, a futon is great for sitting during the day and easily converts into a bed at night for those last-minute guests. It’s also a good idea to invest in a storage ottoman that serves as both a footrest and a place to stash all sorts of small household items. One of the best ways to save money on furniture is to shop sales and use student discounts when available.

You can save money on food and other necessities by shopping at sales or thrift stores. Finally, take into account the power of clipping coupons. Most retailers offer student discounts, and you can find coupon codes for even the most expensive items online. As you shop for throw blankets, look for a style that complements your décor and is machine washable to keep it looking fresh. Consider the size of your sofa, sectional, or armchair and select a throw that fits well. A throw blanket that is too large can feel bulky in a smaller space, while a too-small blanket can be hard to drape over the back of your couch.

Mason Jar Sconces

You might not have a fancy living room set or the nicest bedroom furniture, but your college apartment can still be comfortable and stylish. Before buying new things, ask family and friends if they have items they want to part with. For instance, your parents may have a spare sofa, and your grandma might be happy to give away her old silverware. It’s also a great idea to check your local thrift and bargain stores before you buy new furnishings. Another smart way to save on furnishing your college apartment is to purchase multipurpose items that will let you cross two or more things off your list with a single purchase. Examples include storage ottomans, futons, and transforming tables.

You can apply this strategy to your kitchen with air-fryer toaster ovens and Instant Pot-style multi-cookers. Another great way to save money on college apartment furnishings is to take advantage of special offers and free trials. Many streaming services have free trial periods, while movie theaters and amusement parks offer discounted student tickets. These can add up and help you save big on furnishing your college apartment.

Modern Vases

The right decor pieces are essential to making your college apartment feel like a home. Whether moving into an unfurnished dorm room or your private residence, sticking to a budget and avoiding buying non-essentials is important. There are many different options, from simple glass color vases to oversized floor vases. Decorative vases can be filled with flowers or potpourri or left empty as a beautiful accent piece.

They are also perfect for highlighting your favorite plants or fresh-cut flowers. While there are plenty of vases to choose from, you can save even more by opting for a glass or ceramic vase with an artistic painted design. It will help create a unique style in your apartment and make it stand out. For those who prefer a minimalist look, opt for a metal vase. These are great for a contemporary style and often have a sleek, glossy finish. If you want a more eco-friendly option, consider a bamboo vase. These are made of natural materials that will not produce greenhouse gasses during production and can last for years.



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